your special power

As I entered the grocery store this week I grabbed the same “compact” style cart I always use and headed down the same produce aisle I usually start my shopping trip. As I looked around I realized the amount of choices people make every day. Everything we do is basically a choice. So why did I gravitate to the same aisle with the same size cart as countless times before? The simple answer is habit. Think of how many things you do just out of habit. Have you ever stopped and thought for a moment, “what if I take this route instead of the usual route today?” or “what if I eat this instead of that?” You truly have all the power when making choices. So why not choose the best possible option?

When the choice involves eating it’s very easy to mindlessly grab something and quickly ingest it without any thought. At the 2011 American Psychological Association’s annual meeting psychologist Dr. Brian Wansink, described one of his experiments into mindless eating.

“We asked 150 Parisians how they knew they were through with dinner and they said, ‘When we’re full.’ When we asked 150 Chicagoans the same question, they said, ‘When the plate is empty,'” Wansink says

Eating shouldn’t be viewed as an everyday mindless task. YOU have the power of choice when food is involved. Most people have become so accustomed to grabbing something quick that they sacrifice taste, nutrition and quality. How often do you think about the nutritional content of what you’re eating, or the amount of what you are eating?

If you stop for a split second and think about how you feel, actually listen to your body, most unhealthy nutritional habits would become obsolete. The snickers bar you habitually retrieve from a machine mid afternoon, with 27 grams of sugar, wouldn’t be considered because you would know 30 minutes after eating it you’d want something else. So many healthy choices are just as quick and easy. But, you have to use your power and choose. Candy, chips and cookies or almonds, avocados and veggies? Throwing some almonds in a container is just as easy as pushing coins into a machine!

So next time you are hungry just pause for 15 seconds and remember, YOU HAVE THE POWER OF CHOICE! Every small positive mindful choice leads to big positive changes…..

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