yes-this is really how i live.

So after many months of talking with people about health, fitness and just basic survival, I realized a lot of people are confused. It can be overwhelming for someone trying to eat better or improve health.There is so much information about nutrition and exercise people tend to give up and let the major food industries or “paid” professionals make the decisions. I want to stop the “mass marketing” of health. Hence-the blog! I’m a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Certified Sports Nutritionist (NESTA), board certified histologist (microanatomy),nursing student drop-out and obsessive about living better.

First up-do not be a sucker for the low calorie junk packs. If you want a snack, eat an apple, a piece of cheese, some nuts or veggies. Why would you eat something full of bad ingredients which will leave you hungry again in 10 minutes? Don’t let the label fool you-there are no vitamins, minerals or fiber in a snack which resembles a communion wafer! Why are you even counting calories? Please, tell me why and I will tell you why you should not count them……

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